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More cops is not the answer



This is my great-niece that I refer to in the article. Her name is Genevieve but I call her Zawadi, KiSwahili for gift. Watching her fight for her life, to be a part of this universe became a metaphor for what’s happening right now in the Black community: We are in the fight of our lives. Baby G aka Zawadi fought to survive and now she’s on her way to claiming her space, her voice in a world that wants to pre-determine her destiny as a Black warrior-child. It ain’t gonna happen. Not. on. my. watch.




Published in St. Louis American, June 23, 2017

After my fellowship in Madison, Wisconsin, I headed to Kansas City to check on family including the premature arrival of my great-niece. I don’t know why she was so anxious to come into this world. During my time there, there were seven deaths including that of a 3-year old child.

Then I came to St. Louis where violence took the lives of 11 people in a week – five homicides happened in a 24-hour period. In that count were the deaths of a seven-year-old and a 13-year old. The combined magnitude of the human carnage was enough to temporarily bring down my high spirits. Read more

Reneging on Mother Earth


Published by Capital City Hues, June 12, 2017

Everyone is talking about the Senate intelligence committee hearing starring Former FBI Director James Comey. Yes, he called your president a liar (he is) but I want to back track on a bigger story with far greater consequences. The decision of trump to pull out of the Paris Agreement is no small matter.

The Paris Agreement is not some French government mandate. It is a historic part of the United Nations Framework on Climate Control agreed on by all nation members of the UN. President Obama signed the Agreement only to have the current U.S. president slam the legitimacy of the goals. The U.S. stands alone in the world on this issue.
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