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Hole in the Head


The amazing story of Vertus Hardiman and the black children of Lyles Station, IN was presented at the Missouri History Museum this evening. The event was sponsored by Call to Conscience (C2C) and began with a historical timeline of the horrendous medical experimentation conducted on us a people. The readings by members of C2C provided a powerful prelude to the documentary. It is proof positive that black folks are deserving of reparations.

MO Executions: Cruel, Unusual & Secret


Join the conversion with me and Mark Thompson tonite at 7 pm CST on the topic of Missouri’s executions. Tune in on “Make It Plain” Sirius Radio 127. This article will be published today on


Hours before Missouri’s 75th execution, the relentless efforts of condemned killer Russell Bucklew and his attorneys paid off. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a stay by the federal courts in one of the state’s most watched executions.

Bucklew was scheduled to be the first execution in the country since the recent botched performance in Oklahoma. Missouri is having the same problem as Oklahoma and other death penalty states—getting safe drugs for lethal injections and finding trained people to carry out the procedure. Read more

Poor black kids can and do learn

(Printed in the St. Louis American on May 8, 2014.)
Open Letter to Dr. Kelvin Adams and the State Appointed Board

Once again the St. Louis Public School district is at a crossroads. Yet, instead of reviewing evidence-based successful public school models in the country or listening to local stakeholders close to the issues of education, the district wants to revisit the failed practice of hiring a turn around company to save its low-performing schools.

There seemed to be surprise at the intensity of public push-back to this portion of the superintendent’s district plan. Many of us are still suffering from Educational Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (EPTSD) from the psychological, financial and academic destruction wreaked on the district by William “Demolition Man” Roberti from Alvarez Marsal LLC. Given a cool $5 million contract a decade ago, Roberti closed down 21 schools, laid off 1000 employees, privatized services, froze teacher salaries and hired highly-paid friends to assist in the demolition. After his year’s contract, Roberti left the district in shambles. His cheerleaders included Mayor Slay and former mayor Vince Schoemehl who’s on record saying he wished Roberti could’ve stayed another year.