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It is time to redirect our anger


St. Louis American, Updated

It is now time to dissect the facts of the Trump presidency. It is time to redirect our anger, frustrations and other intense emotions into strategic shovels that will dig us out of the hole that we’ve dug for ourselves.

Let’s start with Hillary Clinton: wrong candidate, wrong campaign strategy.

Clinton was obsessed with being the first woman in the White House. This is not enough of a reason to run. Clinton was successful in convincing Democratic Party schmucks, along with the mainstream media, to prop her up at all costs. Her campaign raised about $1.3 billion for the propping. She had three times as many field offices as Donald Trump and spent almost twice as much as her Republican rival. These facts reek of inefficiency as well as a deaf ear to Democratic voter disillusionment.

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Hands off our vote!


Published St. Louis American, November 3, 2017

Opponents of Amendment 6 have been working overtime to educate citizens about its hidden consequences. The ballot measure will be on the November 8 ballot. At first glance, the measure seems to be okay, maybe even efficient, maybe even a deterrent for voter fraud. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Missouri Republican Party knows this better than most as it has attempted to carry out the GOP’s national strategy to restrict the rights of voters, particularly of black and brown voters.

If the measure passes next Tuesday, only government-issued photo identification will be acceptable to vote. No more student ID, utility bills, job ID or the like that voters can presently use at their polling places. Republicans would be thrilled to see this state swing to red for generations to come.

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Let’s help Jennings pay up


Published in St. Louis American-October 23, 2016

Sometimes we get to see the demands from our protests lead to tangible outcomes, to receive the fruits of our labor. It can happen when our racial justice movement stays focused and actually fights until there’s a victory. That is exactly what has happened in the fight for municipal court reform and Jennings is the first to have to cough up millions of dollars in reparations.

The historic settlement of $4.7 million affecting nearly 2000 citizens was won back in the summer but it’s been challenging to get the good news to the potential plaintiffs. That’s why I’m asking my St. Louis American readers to help those wronged by the City of Jennings get their compensation.


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