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Divided We Fall Every Time


Divided We Fall Every Time
Radically changing the relationships we have in the social justice movement

Published on, February 16, 2017

I recently had the opportunity to view the documentary, Divided We Fall while in Madison, Wisconsin. The insightful documentary is the maiden project of Katherine Acosta who was present with her crew to facilitate the post-screening discussion. I had a couple of flashbacks that I’d like to share with you. But first, let me tell you what the film is about and why I think it can be a valuable addition to the discussion progressives are having in response to trump’s new world.

The documentary is a deep dive into the resistance to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Act 10. Like most uprisings, it not the one thing that sparks the inferno, it’s a series of things that accumulate until The People can’t take it anymore. Act 10 was that thing that ignited the flame. Read more

Mayoral race exposes lack of leadership


Published in St. Louis American, Thursday February 16, 2017


I’ve come to accept the “social” in social media, especially Facebook, rather than see the media as an effective political tool. Sharing photos of newborns, family gatherings and what people ate for lunch. Periodically there’s some political gems in between the social stuff. I stumbled across an example of this with a posting from local activist attorney Jerryl Christmas.


Christmas’ posting on January 26 was both poignant and sarcastic.

“Today is the last day to withdraw from the mayor’s race,” Christmas posted. “I’m supporting Lewis Reed for mayor but I wish we had black leadership in St. Louis that understood consolidation of power. Tishaura Jones belongs in Congress, Antonio French should be the next president of the Board of Alderman, Jeffrey Boyd should run Veterans Affairs for the city and we can support Jimmie Matthews in his spiritual growth.” Read more

Children need champions not bouncers


Published St. Louis American, January 19, 2017

School fights are nothing new, they’ve been around as long as there have been kids. This writer was suspended once for fighting. I’ve always resented the fact that there was no attempt to look at mitigating circumstances – that I was an honor student, that I had no previous incidents, that I acted in self-defense. Two students fighting? Automatic suspensions for both students. End of story.

At the pre-school level, even little ones are bound to tangle. They are territorial and impulsive. These are not criminal acts; they are part of child development. They are teachable moments that allow adults to show how conflicts can be resolved fairly and non-violently. Read more