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Changing the Living Wage Debate


St. Louis American, 1. 9.2014

Minimum wage

I believe economic fairness, as an issue, will dominate the airwaves, the workplace and the streets in 2014. Jobs (or lack thereof) along with employment benefits were front and center last year. Although the extraordinary mobilizations by fast-food workers were a major impetus, a growing unrest has been bubbling for some time now (Viva Occupy!). The struggles coincide with the widening gulf between the stagnated wages of workers for the last 20 years and the ballooned salaries of corporate CEOs and their companies’ obscene profits.

We should begin by using more accurate and descriptive words that put incomes in real context. This will help in reframing the overall public discussion about wages and counteracting the erroneous notion that workers are lazy and looking for freebies. Read more