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Clean up Missouri politics with Amendment 1



I love working on citizen-led ballot initiatives that will improve the lives of many and not a few. That’s because you get to talk to voters at the onset to persuade them to sign a petition that gets the issue before voters. One such ballot initiative is Amendment 1, also known as CLEAN Missouri. The big donors and lobbyists have every reason to be nervous when they see their unfettered assembly of goodies coming to an end. Desperate, they filed a lawsuit to keep the initiative off the November 6 ballot.

Amendment 1 is serious biz. It’s a big leash on pulling back the big money influencing our political system. And the amendment puts some reasonable guidelines on the redistricting process that’s right around the corner with the 2020 Census. Read more

Kavanaugh on the Ropes



Whether it’s Plessy v. Ferguson in 1896 or U.S. Department of Justice v. Ferguson, Missouri in 2016, the judicial system has been a double-edged sword for descendants of Africa. This goes for all levels of the courts and its subsidiaries, but the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court is so powerful, it’s frightening.

That brings me to who gets to hold such power for a lifetime: U.S. Supreme Court justices. The only job for a life time should be parenting. Read more

The Color of Disaster Relief


“We must fight for meaningful relief of those still living. We must advocate for humble remembrances of the Black and Brown lives tragically lost in disasters, whether man-made or natural.”

As the nation honors those who perished on September 11, little attention is paid to the watery graves of the Gulf Coast. The 13th anniversary of Katrina’s devastation barely gets a blip in the news. The names are 9/11 victims are read aloud, one by one, so that their precious lives are remembered. Katrina and Maria victims deserve the same. What constitutes the differences in our recognition, in our grieving?

Since August 29, 2005, the trauma of Katrina still haunts this nation and for the residents of the Gulf Coast, life will never be the same. A year out from Hurricane Maria, the lives of Puerto Ricans are still turned upside down with no relief in sight. The facts are clear and irrefutable for both situations. Read more