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Missouri can’t let go of the death penalty


I’m not saying my column in last week’s St. Louis American lit some fires but I’m elated about all the activities around Missouri’s execution. The ACLU has filed a law suit asking how MO got propofol when the drug maker is not doing bizness with U.S. correctional departments.  Republican  Senator (Columbia) and attorney general candidate Kurt Schaefer is asking for a new gas chamber due to the diminishing amounts of lethal injection drugs. Did you see the “attorney general candidate” in the previous sentence? That’s scary.

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Terror in Nairobi


I have a deep love in my heart for Nairobi, Kenya and its indigenous people. It was one of the cities I spent time in on my first trip to the Motherland back in 1985. The people were warm,  friendly and humble. Most of the people I met would not be able to afford to shop at the Westgate Mall where terrorists rained bullets on innocent shoppers. Some observers believe that the mall was the target because it is frequented by Westerners.  Still, the fact that Kenya is allegedly becoming the battleground for Al Qaeda is troubling. In this case  it’s  Shabab, an Islamist militant group based in Somalia. Add long-time corruption by government officials, and it spells untold suffering for the masses of Kenyans.

No to war a Syrian war or whatever…


It looks like President Obama may have dodged the bullet – both literally and figuratively. When you dare someone to cross a line – even a red line for use of chemical weapons – a lot of invisible hands start working on all sides to see who’s gonna crack. Since Russia has a dog in this fight, a deal may have been struck that will save face for Obama and Syrian President Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

After all, the majority of Americans oppose the military action against Sytria, U.S. military leaders are lukewarm to the idea. G20 leaders are opposed to military strikes including France and Britain. The U.S. doesn’t have a clear understanding of all the forces operating in the Syria and who could assume power if Assad is weakened. There’s nothing good that can come out of the air strikes, which brings me to yet another point – there’s no military exit strategy.

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