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Intersection of art and race


News of the Black Rep’s eviction from Grandel Theater traveled fast. The Black Rep has known for months that Grand Center was interested in selling the building, but the actual git-yo-stuff-out-in-two-weeks-or-else notice came as a real shocker. Tenants received the notice by email.

As usual, white power brokers missed the opportunity to change the racist narrative so pervasive in St . Louis. Instead of a headline that reads “Black Rep evicted from mainly white Grand Center,” it could have read “City leaders rally to find permanent home for premier    read more…



How does it feel to be America’s problem?



“How does it feel to be America’s problem?”

I thought about that quote from author/playwright/activist Amiri Baraka as I read, heard or saw commentary on the school transfer saga. Baraka’s rhetorical, yet poignant question, suggests that post-slavery, America doesn’t know what to do with its black population. It doesn’t need them, it doesn’t want them.  Black kids in the St. Louis region have been hearing themselves discussed by adults/institutions who don’t want them.

This week Kansas City Star  projected a headline “To improve education, abolish the Kansas City school district.”

Says Star reporter Steve Rose, “with a bold move, Kansas City schools disappear, and with them goes a horrible reputation that plagues the city.”

Yeah. I bet Rose wished that black folks would also disappear.


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