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What about Cosby–Guilty or a Victim?


Those of you how know me know that I have zero tolerance for violence against women and have actively worked to create safe spaces for women–whether that’s in the workplace, in the home or on the street.

Cosby Show

People, especially Black women, have been asking for my thoughts on the rape accusations against Bill Cosby. In between Black, unarmed males being shot all over the country, I managed to catch snatches of the news of women who said they were drugged and/or raped by the famous TV father. I haven’t had time to go deep into their stories.

One thing I noticed was that while there were some notables stepping forward to condemn Cosby, I sensed a wall of reservation by Black folks. I started conducting my own informal surveys of the Black women I know or those who I came in contact with.

The findings: Most felt there was probably some truth that Cosby’s hands were not clean of sexual harassment or assault. Almost all of the women were suspicious of the timing and expressed the public humiliation looked orchestrated.

Why now?  What had precipitated this pile-on of mainly white woman on the beloved actor and philantrophist? Who had Cosby crossed to bring this on? These were some of the questions I heard. Valid questions. Additionally, there is the ugly history of white women falsely accusing black men of rape that cannot be ignored.

If you’ve being reading my commentary over the years, you also know that I was critical of Cosby when he came out swinging against black mothers, blaming them for their poverty and for damning their children’s futures by giving them names like Shaniquah. I have no problem with being critical of Cosby but that was an easier task: I heard Cosby’s words straight from his own mouth.

So, what do you think? Is Bill Cosby guilty of all the rape charges or is he a victim of plot to de-throne him? I’d like to hear from you.



Torthel Lockli McClodden

21 accounts. As an attorney, you know that his settling a case out of court ONLY after the plaintiff’s attys threatened 13 additional victims would also testify, is a bit telling. Then the more recent accounts of Black women – Beverly Johnson just today or yesterday. All there needs to be is just ONE for me to be done with him. Had he been white – and there are many examples – we (Black Folk) would be singing a different toon even if all of the allegations turned out to be fully contrived. But when the skin is Brown; then we pause and consider more to the potential and hopeful innocence of the ‘alleged’ perpetrator (Michael Jackson & O.J.). We are so full of the facts that historically the Government and various white citizens have purposely created so many heinous lies that have been sensationalized to really make US look bad; that I pursonally feel we go too far with some of the support we give to some people. I never connected with Cosby – not even with I Spy, his albums, and so on. With all that I experienced, studied, and otherwise observed; Bill Cosby just never resonated! So yes I believe he did it even if it may have been just once. I also believe that he getting EXACTLY what he deserves due to the fact that he sowed the seed by his own arrogance actions, etc.


I must agree, and I share your sentiments. I was never a big Cosby fan. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. When the paternity incident surfaced some years ago he handled it badly. I was sure then about my position. It didn’t take much to nail the coffin shut when Cosby came to St. Louis downing our young single mothers. Especially when he was part of the problem and not the solution. He is guilty on all counts.


I never bought into the whole jello pudding thing. There is more to come than victims. It will be very ugly.

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