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Independent investigation needed in killing of Isaiah Hammett


Published in the St. Louis American, August 3, 2017

Anthony Lamar Smith and daughter, Autumn.

The murder investigation of Jason Stockley bounced around in 2011 like a flaming hot potato. The case was volleyed among and between the investigative units of the St. Louis Police Department, local, state and federal prosecutors as well as the FBI before criminal charges were finally filed by Jennifer Joyce. The Stockley case was probably one of many which convinced Joyce that riding cross-country in a RV was more appealing than being the city’s head prosecutor. The murder trial this week fell into the lap of new Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. Read more

Unreasonable fear of black bodies


Published by St.Louis American, July 20, 2017

Redditt Hudson

People who don’t know me might think I’m a cop-hatin’, law-breakin’ sistah. I been working on police-community issues for more years than I care to say. I observe how police interact with citizens based upon their age, race and perceived economic status. I pay serious attention to what they say and do as individuals and as a department. I listen to their own words. I read their own words.

I heard Gary Wiegert, then prez of the St. Louis Police Officers Association, call me a “terrorist” on his WGNU radio program some years ago. I couldn’t judge his true state of mind since Wiegert was a lobbyist for legalizing marijuana at the time.

I listened when Heather Taylor, current prez of the Ethical Society of Police (advocating for black police officers) made a passionate case for why the police need raises. She cited her special-needs child as an example of the kind of expenses families incur outside of the realm of regular living expenses that can bring financial stress. This was particularly moving coming from a mother and because I’m on record opposing raises for police to keep brutalizing and terrorizing my community. Read more

The Drop in Teen Pregnancy is No Mystery


Published by, July 20, 2017

The Drop in Teen Pregnancy is No Mystery: Our communities made plans to prevent unplanned pregnancies


You may have missed this good news in the middle of the white noise coming from the White House. Their antics seem to eclipse the real news as well as any victories that we should be celebrating and building on. The recent reports of the historic low in U.S. teen pregnancy rates is one such example.

U.S. pregnancy rates are still higher than our counterparts in the industrialize world, and has been for a while. As much as North Korea is demonized (with sound reasons), it has one of the lowest teen pregnancy rates in the world.

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