We are not all in this together

By Jamala Rogers, April 12, 2020 If people are saying this because they think we should be or they hope we will be, they need to say it exactly so. U.S. history has shown us that we have never been all together in this country and the COVID virus is not the magical super glue […]

Racist policies and the pandemic

Published in the St. Louis American April 16, 2020 The world was first made aware of a coronavirus case in China last December. The U.S. was hit with its first confirmed COVID-19 case on January 20. Still, there is no comprehensive, coordinated national plan to stop the deadly virus, which I put squarely at the […]

COVID in a Neighborhood Near You

Published in the Cap City Hues April 6, 2020 COVID-19 case is not coming to a neighborhood near—it’s already in your neighborhood. This is what a pandemic looks like. The U.S. is months into the virus yet there is still no national comprehensive, coordinated plan to stop the deadly virus. The number of U.S. COVID-19 […]