What Price are the Democrats Willing to Pay

Published in BlackCommentator.com on March 19, 2020 With the coronavirus looming on the nation like a heavy shroud, most folks have probably forgot about the super conniving by the Democrats. For those who say the Dems can’t organize, they organize in their own establishment interests. We saw an almost magical disappearance of candidates dropping out […]

It is time to redirect our anger

St. Louis American, Updated Nov 16, 2016 It is now time to dissect the facts of the Trump presidency. It is time to redirect our anger, frustrations and other intense emotions into strategic shovels that will dig us out of the hole that we’ve dug for ourselves. Let’s start with Hillary Clinton: wrong candidate, wrong campaign […]

The Democrat’s Platform Comes Up Way Short

The Democrat’s Platform Comes Up Way Short Published on BlackCommentator.com July 21, 2016 The touted so-called progressive platform of the Democrats came out just as all hell was breaking loose. Police in Baton Rouge and Falcon Heights killed two unarmed black men. Two black, armed men killed three Baton Rouge police and six Dallas officers […]