How police created their own problems

Published by St. Louis American, February 18, 2023 Nearly 25 years ago when the Coalition Against Police Crimes & Repression formed, one of its three demands was that police officers must be recruited from the communities they served. The purpose is to hire more African Americans for these public service positions. Over the years, the […]

Giving new kinds of prosecutors new tools

Published in the St. Louis American, August 20, 2020 When St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell recently announced that there would be no indictment of former Ferguson cop Darren Wilson, it ignited a range of emotions from outrage to disappointment. For many, the historic election of Bell as the county‚Äôs first African-American prosecutor would mean […]

We are not all in this together

By Jamala Rogers, April 12, 2020 If people are saying this because they think we should be or they hope we will be, they need to say it exactly so. U.S. history has shown us that we have never been all together in this country and the COVID virus is not the magical super glue […]