“That’s our job.”

“That’s our job.” These were the words that former St. Louis Alder John Collins-Muhammad allegedly said to John Doe in a pay-to-play scheme that has rocked the city. Doe was being assured that he was going to get the big hook-up once he made the big payoff.   This is where some elected officials get […]

Needed: New strategies for building power

Published in St. Louis American March 14, 2017 Last week’s mayoral result was like getting a whoopin’ as a kid because of something you weren’t supposed to do. Those whacks across the butt were painful but you could’ve totally avoided them had you chose to do the right thing. You didn’t, and now you’re licking […]

Mayoral race exposes lack of leadership

Published in St. Louis American, Thursday February 16, 2017  I’ve come to accept the “social” in social media, especially Facebook, rather than see the media as an effective political tool. Sharing photos of newborns, family gatherings and what people ate for lunch. Periodically there’s some political gems in between the social stuff. I stumbled across […]