Giving new kinds of prosecutors new tools

Published in the St. Louis American, August 20, 2020 When St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell recently announced that there would be no indictment of former Ferguson cop Darren Wilson, it ignited a range of emotions from outrage to disappointment. For many, the historic election of Bell as the county’s first African-American prosecutor would mean […]

Are you ready for change?

Published by the St. Louis American, August 6, 2018 I have been thinking about the Ferguson Uprising a lot – the conditions that led to it, what lessons have been learned, where the region is going, where the country is headed. My reflections on the Ferguson Uprising anniversary are still being formulated. Some days that […]

A Different Kind of Club

Note: This column has been corrected since it was first published on this blog on March 15, 2016. From the, March 10, 2016 “If you want to hear the truth, you must let the suffering speak.” This was the quote by Cornel West that Cephus Johnson led off with at the “Testimonies of Love, Loss […]