The Challenge of Reform Prosecutors to Change the Game

Published in, September 15, 2022 Black people have historically equated prosecutors with locking people up, and rightfully so. Prosecutors, district attorneys and circuit attorneys have almost single-handedly contributed to the swell of two million mainly Black people caged in America’s prisons. The handprints of the courts are all over the widening racial disparities of […]

A Re-Alignment in St. Louis

Published by St. Louis American, September, 2020   The August 4 election results were not just a matter of who won and who lost. An organized community is starting to see the fruits of its labor—from the streets to the ballot box. Being intentional and tangible has helped to put forth a vision of what […]

Persecution, prosecution and Kim Gardner

Published on February 13, 2020  in the  St. Louis American   In 1998, the women’s unit of the Organization for Black Struggle read a piece by feminist bell hooks as part of our political education session. It totally changed our outlook about being black women. Inspired, we named ourselves Sistahs Talkin’ Back. I’ve been thinking […]