Woke voters know fluff from substance

Published in St. Louis American, August 2, 2022 When Congresswoman Cori Bush was recently arrested following an abortion rights protest at the U.S. Supreme Court Building conservative critics called her out. “Stop being a protestor and concentrate on being a legislator,” was the right-wing story line. First, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Two, woke voters […]

It’s Time for a Change

Published in the St. Louis American on April 1, 2021 It’s time for a change The City of St. Louis will have a big decision on April 6. Voters will not just be electing a new mayor, we’ll also be hitting the reset button for a new direction for a city that’s been stumbling around […]

A Re-Alignment in St. Louis

Published by St. Louis American, September, 2020   The August 4 election results were not just a matter of who won and who lost. An organized community is starting to see the fruits of its labor—from the streets to the ballot box. Being intentional and tangible has helped to put forth a vision of what […]