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Moonwalking the minimum wage


Published in the St. Louis American, July 9, 2015

Ah, moonwalking. Michael Jackson’s famous dance step is mesmerizing to watch – especially when the King of Pop does it. It’s the perception that you’re moving forward, when you’re actually going backwards. Missouri’s minimum wage is like this, except it’s not entertaining one bit.

The state’s minimum wage is set to increase by a paltry 15 cents on January 1. It will go from $7.50 to $7.65. That’s an annual salary of $15,912.00 before taxes. This is no increase; it’s just keeping low-wage workers from going backwards quicker. Moonwalking!

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Denmark Vesey was a terrorist…


But Dylann Roof is not?
Published in June 25, 2015


Dylann Roof’s act of terrorism still requires that he gets due process under U.S. law. Technically and journalistically, you have to refer to him as a suspect—even though there were eyewitnesses to the massacre and damning evidence on his computer. When talking about his crime, the politically correct way is to refer to it as “alleged.” I am hard pressed to find a situation where the same judicial treatment happened when a black suspect killed a white victim.

Police brought Roof some hamburgers after his arrest. After all, the kid was hungry. He had only had a bag of Doritos and water earlier that day. At the arraignment, Judge James Gosnell gave the families on the nine victims the opportunity to tell Roof via video the impact of his evil actions. While he had them all there, Judge Gosnell reminded the court that Roof’s family were also victims and that the community needs to “rally round them.” Read more

This is some ruff stuff


For me, the most emotional part of the shooting at Emanuel AME Church is the heroic and compassionate action of Tywanza Sanders. When Dylann Roof chose Sanders’ 87 year aunt as his first shooting victim, Sanders asked to be shot instead. This young brother, only 26 years old, had graduated from college last year–he had his whole life ahead of him. Yet, there he stood asking to take a bullet for his aunt who for all practical purposes, had already lived her life. I’m getting choked up just writing about it.

A racist terrorist took out 9 people.  We got work to do.