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How the Third Reconstruction is playing out in St. Louis


Published in the St. Louis American, March 2, 2023


Peniel Joseph calls it the Third Reconstruction. His latest book of the same name chronicles the cyclical and violent white backlash to Black progress in this country. You can see the highly coordinated, racist strategy being carried out across the country now—just as it has been in previous periods—to prove that Black people are unworthy of citizenship and incapable of governance. This is the unadulterated justification for upholding white supremacy by any means necessary.

The last couple of weeks of Black political happenings in St. Louis gave the rightwing steamroller some unneeded steam. Whatever is happening with and between Black elected officials pales in comparison to the calculated plan to derail the political and economic agenda of Black folks. It’s take-back time and all that cannot be taken back will be discredited or destroyed. Read more

How police created their own problems


Published by St. Louis American, February 18, 2023

Nearly 25 years ago when the Coalition Against Police Crimes & Repression formed, one of its three demands was that police officers must be recruited from the communities they served.

The purpose is to hire more African Americans for these public service positions. Over the years, the demand was dropped from the organization’s demands.

The fatal beating of Tyre Nichols by five former Black Memphis police officers is one of many reasons why. It’s not about individual cops, their race, or gender. It’s about the institution that creates them.

Several insiders of the police rank-and-file have confirmed to me that part of the increase of crime is based upon the actions and lack of actions by police officers … All in hope that their spiteful actions will prove that Black elected officials, who have police accountability in their sights, are incapable of governing.

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A class in prosecutorial corruption


Published in St. Louis American, January 17, 2023

The Honorable David C. Mason made the wise decision last month to allow Lamar Johnson’s hearing to be livestreamed.

The world had a ring-side seat to the prosecutorial corruption that was rampant in the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s office during the crack-cocaine epidemic. This was a time when racking up convictions, by any means necessary, reigned supreme. The incestuous relationship between police and prosecutors went unchecked.

The Johnson wrongful conviction case is historic. It is the first case heard in St. Louis under new state legislation that empowers local prosecutors to re-open languishing innocence cases. Read more