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Young people are making a difference

In the initial attack by Hamas on Israel last fall by Hamas, reportedly 1200 Israeli citizens lost their lives, hundreds more were injured and hostages were taken. These violent acts were condemned by most of the world. However, what has unfolded since October 7 has literally rocked the world. The massive retaliation by Israel on Gaza would have not been possible without the $4 billion annually from the U.S. government. This fact has not been lost on students across the country.

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Black Boys and Toy Guns are a Deadly Combination

In Ohio, the unbelievable happened again — unbelievable on several levels.

Yet another Black mother is making a public plea in the name of her son who has been victimized by the police. The family, although traumatized, was extremely lucky because the teen survived to tell his story. Unbelievable.

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The hostile takeover by the state

The attempt to seize local control from the citizens of St. Louis will be met with organized—and might I add–hostile resistance (think pension, think future raises). That’s because citizens voted for local control of their police department in 2013 by a majority of citizens. That historic vote was the result of more than a decade of tireless organizing under the leadership of the Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression (CAPCR).

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Black Women are struggling to stand tall

Racial capitalism is a grinder of our very humanity. Black Lives Matter is not just a slogan; it is a daily reminder to resist the infectious virus of self–loathing and self-destruction spawned and perpetuated by our oppressors.

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Simplifying the U.S. Prison Problem

Published by the Capital City Hues, Mar 4, 2024
Madison’s jails and prisons are in chaos. Madtown is not a part of an exclusive club; there are plenty of members across the country. Part of what abolition organizers call the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC), most are juggling the same key issues.

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