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Let’s stay woke and get busy overcoming trump


Published in the St. Louis American on October 31, 2018

Every week, we are forced into the scary and erratic world of Trump. The 45th president has kept late-night TV hosts supplied with unlimited material for comic relief. With each passing day, the Trump administration is less comedic and the nation in need of serious, rather than comic, relief.

Since Trump’s behavior and decisions are on public display, those of us who have a scintilla of sanity know that something is wrong with this man. The chaos in this administration is unparalleled: firings, resignations, indictments, prison. The world has seen it all. Read more

It’s time to cure the violence–and stop the politricking


Published by the St. Louis American, October 17, 2019


The carnage of black bodies this summer, especially children, took a toll of all of us who care about humanity and who tirelessly work for racial justice. What compounded this bloody summer’s negative impact is the way some chose to respond to the crisis.

The Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression (CAPCR) led the grassroots efforts to bring a violence-prevention program to the attention of a city often referred to the Murder Capital. Cure Violence(CV) is a health-centered, evidenced-based program producing dramatic reductions in high-violence cities.

What’s so disgusting to me is to find out that Cure Violence was asked to come to town about four years ago. What happened? Absolutely nothing. Had the city taken its violence problem seriously, it would have embraced CV then and Bloody Summer 2019 might have been averted. Read more

No Choice is the Goal


The Naked Truth column was published in The Cap City Hues, September 9, 2019

Conservative legislators have been chipping away at Roe v. Wade since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a woman’s right to a safe abortion. That was 1976. Extremists have added their own brand of terrorism to the battleground issue from aggressive protests to the bombing of abortion clinics to the murder of doctors who perform the procedure. Most polls show that most Americans support the right to choose. Yet this law — the right to choose — is not being protected by our government. Read more