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The Color of Disaster Relief


“We must fight for meaningful relief of those still living. We must advocate for humble remembrances of the Black and Brown lives tragically lost in disasters, whether man-made or natural.”

As the nation honors those who perished on September 11, little attention is paid to the watery graves of the Gulf Coast. The 13th anniversary of Katrina’s devastation barely gets a blip in the news. The names are 9/11 victims are read aloud, one by one, so that their precious lives are remembered. Katrina and Maria victims deserve the same. What constitutes the differences in our recognition, in our grieving?

Since August 29, 2005, the trauma of Katrina still haunts this nation and for the residents of the Gulf Coast, life will never be the same. A year out from Hurricane Maria, the lives of Puerto Ricans are still turned upside down with no relief in sight. The facts are clear and irrefutable for both situations. Read more

Turning purple in Missouri


Published by the St. Louis American, August 29, 2018.


The state of Missouri was red as a beet when Donald Trump won the state in 2016, beating Hillary Clinton by a half-million votes. There were only a two blue dots in the sea of red, and those were the two urban centers of Kansas City and St. Louis. Boone County, home of the University of Missouri, shimmered a few rays of blue.

The August 7 primary may have been a turning point, as we saw big wins with the smack-down of Prop A and the unlikely victory of Wesley Bell as St. Louis County prosecutor. Read more

Are you ready for change?


Published by the St. Louis American, August 6, 2018

I have been thinking about the Ferguson Uprising a lot – the conditions that led to it, what lessons have been learned, where the region is going, where the country is headed.

My reflections on the Ferguson Uprising anniversary are still being formulated. Some days that clarity is sharper than others. After a couple of days with originator and animator of Fearless Dialogues, Greg Ellison, I feel all my senses have been heightened. The challenge made to participants submitting themselves to the fearless dialogue experience is: Are you ready for change? Read more