Opening Reflections at the St. Louis Board (Video)

“…The expanse of that marvel is too much to squeeze into a few minutes because the
unrestricted brilliance of my people has been difficult to document. Make no mistake, our
contributions are indisputable and ubiquitous.”

Bracing for a Trump Victory or Defeat

Published by The Black Commentator, January 18, 2024 “The world has seen how he can rally his zealots to do the unthinkable, so what else will they do?” I’m your warrior, I’m your justice I’m your MAGA in the alley Been betrayed, time to get laid Break some laws, go get paid You know me, […]

Claudine Gay the Latest DEI Casualty Snared by a ”Well-Laid Trap’

Published by The Black Commentator, January 11, 2024 Colleges and universities, already on the ropes from the U.S. Supreme Courts’ strike against affirmative action, seem to be cowering to the pressures from the Right. The chilling effect has been painful to watch. When Claudine Gay first hit the public stage, it was with great fanfare. […]