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The Challenge of Reform Prosecutors to Change the Game


Published in, September 15, 2022

Black people have historically equated prosecutors with locking people up, and rightfully so. Prosecutors, district attorneys and circuit attorneys have almost single-handedly contributed to the swell of two million mainly Black people caged in America’s prisons. The handprints of the courts are all over the widening racial disparities of the carceral system.

A 2014 report revealed that of the elected prosecutors, 95 percent were white and nearly 80 percent were white men. The predominantly white, male, conservative top law enforcers play a powerful role in criminal justice with unapologetic and unwavering support for and from police groups. This is an under-estimated fact that has come back to bite us in the butt. Read more

Hell Has No Fury


Published by the Capital City Hues on August 8, 2022

The first state coming into the ring to defend abortion rights scored a knockout. Kansas voters delivered a decisive punch at the polls and soundly rejected a state constitutional amendment to strip abortion rights. This should make Republicans stand up and pay attention because Kansas is one of its own conservative states. Could this rebuke be the start of political momentum by woke voters? I wrote in a previous column that we are not going away quietly.

Despite the majority of Americans supporting the concept of a woman’s right to choose (some polls say as high as 70 percent), the conservative U. S. Supreme Court blatantly abused its power in June to overturn Roe v. Wade. The constitutional amendment had been on the books for half a century. Read more.