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Obstruction of justice in the Lamar Johnson case


Published in St. Louis American, December 5, 2019

For months now, Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner has suffered defensive wounds from those attempting to prevent her from carrying out a justice agenda. While voters didn’t elect Gardner to spend needless resources and time fighting against racist and sexist attacks, Gardner knew it would come with being the first African-American female prosecutor in St. Louis. The latest shameless act to discredit her office is to put an unwarranted barrier between an innocent man and his freedom. Read more

Democracy can’t wait


Published in St. Louis American, November 20, 2019

For months, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi was reluctant to move forward amidst calls for impeachment before, during and after the Mueller investigation. Pelosi’s reasoning seemed to be that impeachment would be divisive for the country and support was lacking from the American people. Her choice would’ve been to delay impeachment and wait for the 2020 elections. Our democracy can’t wait.

Trump’s brazen abuse of power became too public to avoid. The Democrats finally stepped up to initiate the impeachment inquiry.  Read more

Let’s stay woke and get busy overcoming trump


Published in the St. Louis American on October 31, 2018

Every week, we are forced into the scary and erratic world of Trump. The 45th president has kept late-night TV hosts supplied with unlimited material for comic relief. With each passing day, the Trump administration is less comedic and the nation in need of serious, rather than comic, relief.

Since Trump’s behavior and decisions are on public display, those of us who have a scintilla of sanity know that something is wrong with this man. The chaos in this administration is unparalleled: firings, resignations, indictments, prison. The world has seen it all. Read more