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When should we stop excusing the Russian invasion?


Published by New Politics on May 11, 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been met with strange responses on the part of segments of the USA Left and among many progressives.  While, generally speaking, there has been a strong condemnation of the Russian invasion, there has simultaneously been a tendency to excuse the Russian invasion and place the responsibility for the aggression solely on the US government (and NATO).  Not only is such an analysis factually inaccurate, but it arises from an analytical error rooted in a downplaying of the entire issue of the right of nations to self-determination. Read more.

Getting Closer to a Government of the People


Published by the St. Louis American on April 29, 2022

Proposition R passed with nearly 70% of approval by St. Louis voters. Proposition B received 61% of county voters. Both reform measures could be heard as screams of voters being sick and tired of being sick and tired; sick and tired of the indifference, incompetence, and alleged corruption of people who they pay to represent their interests.

In the wake of Prop R results, St. Louis Alderwoman Sarah Martin resigned. She’s also a paid lobbyist, a secondary job that could pose a conflict of interests with her duties as an elected official.

As the scrutiny increases, more elected officials may bite the dust.

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Convoys, Ukraine and Freedom


Published by Cap City Hues on March 7, 2022

When I heard that 500+ semi-trucks and other vehicles were going through Wisconsin, it provoked another recent image. It was that of the 40-mile Russian military convoy of tanks, armored vehicles and other weapons of mass destruction poised to assault the Ukraine capital of Kyiv. Angry truckers demanding freedom from mask mandates while the Ukrainian people prepared to defend their country from a bullying superpower seemed, well — seemed trivial. Petty. Even silly.

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