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Voices from the Battle Front



Guest(s) and Links to Recording of Shows

March 15, 2023  Guests: Rhonda Perry & Tim Gibbons-The Plight of Small Farmers                    Audio recording here

March 8, 2023     Guests: Bobby Bostic & Judge Evelyn Baker-Redemption                                 No audio available.

March 1, 2023    Guests: Karimu Lewis & Safiyah Chauvin-Organizing Black Women                   Audio recording here.
to Challenge Patriarchy

Feb 22, 2023      Guests: Michelle Smith &Keith Brown-El , PIC                                                      Audio recording here.

Feb 15, 2023      Guest: Robin D G Kelley, Black Rad Imagination                                                  Audio recording here.

Feb 8, 2023         Guest: Justin Lopez, MO Workers Center                                                            Audio recording here.

Feb 1, 2023         Repeat Black Healers program (Nov. 23)

Jan 25, 2023       Guests: My’Asia Merriwether, Ayana Kelley, Rayquan Strickland-                      Video recording here.
Youth Voices on Violence

Jan 18, 2023      Guests: Juliette Jacobs, Johari McRae, Niambi Muhammad &                            Video recording here.
Babatu Murphy-Teaching Under COVID-19

Jan 11, 2023       Guests: Peniel Joseph-Third Reconstruction                                                      No audio available.

Jan 4, 2023         Guests: Zenobia Thompson, Yvonne Jones-                                                      Audio recording here.
Change the Name Coalition

Dec 28, 2022      Guest: Jomo Muhammad, State of the BLM Part II                                             Video recording here.

Dec 21, 2022       Guest: Johnson Lancaster, Importance of Black Rituals                                     Audio recording here

Dec 14, 2022       Guest: Jennifer Disla, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Maurice Mitchell-
State of the Black Liberation Movement                                                                                        Video recording here

Dec 7, 2022         Guests: Brandon Vaughn, Tef Poe-Black Men Build                                          Audio available here

Nov 30, 2022       Guest: taliba obuya, Freedom Comes to Dr. Mutulu Shakur                                No audio available

Nov 23, 2022        Guests: April Warren Grice, Adande Lane & Amanda Tello,                                Video recording here
Community Healers, InPower Institute

Nov 16, 2022         Repeat of October 5 Program

Nov 9, 2022           Guest: Jaribu Hill, Emmett Till case                                                                  Audio recording here

Nov. 2, 2022          Guests: David Love, Timothy Smith-                                                                  Audio recording here
The Cotton Pickin’ Truth About Slavery

Oct 26, 2022           Guest: Sam Blakely, Black Fem Future on #BringBrittneyHome                      Audio recording here

Oct 19, 2022

Oct 12 2022             Guest: Cappy Pinderhughes on the Black Panther Party                                 Audio recording here

Oct 5, 2022              Guests: ML Smith & Elyse on Kevin Johnson execution                                  Audio recording here

Sept 28, 2022          Guests: Lea Clay  & Will Smith on Water Crises                                              Audio recording here

Sept 21, 2022          Guests: Project Haki team on violence prevention                                           Audio recording here

Sept 14, 2022          Guests: Bill Fletcher and Bill Gallego on Ukraine invasion                              Audio recording here

Sept 7, 2022            Guest Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick                                                                                Audio recording here

August 31, 2022      Guests: Nzingha Hooker and Tanya Wallace-Gobern                                     No recording available

August 24, 2022      Guest: Veii Kauaria                                                                                          No recording available

August 17, 2022      Guest: Bernie Hayes                                                                                        No recording available