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Adults are children’s biggest problems

Rowan child murderWhen I saw crime tape draped around the steps to the apartment building next door to the Rowan Community Center, I couldn’t fathom what may have happened but I knew it wouldn’t be anything good.

The center is home to a number of groups I belong to, and I have witnessed the surrounding neighborhood’s fair share of violence. I was totally unprepared to later hear that a baby had been beaten to death by her stepfather for alleging getting a piece of cake without permission.   Read More at the St. Louis American.

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Young people are making a difference

In the initial attack by Hamas on Israel last fall by Hamas, reportedly 1200 Israeli citizens lost their lives, hundreds more were injured and hostages were taken. These violent acts were condemned by most of the world. However, what has unfolded since October 7 has literally rocked the world. The massive retaliation by Israel on Gaza would have not been possible without the $4 billion annually from the U.S. government. This fact has not been lost on students across the country.

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