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Can we get serious about our struggle!

The recent attack on Dhoruba Bin Wahad suggests that the Black Liberation Movement must always be seeking ways to deal with principled disagreements. Brother Dhoruba is one of our most celebrated political prisoners–a Black Panther who spent nearly 20 years in U.S. captivity. We didn’t work for his freedom to have him subjected to this level of disrespect.

See video press conference.

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The hostile takeover by the state

The attempt to seize local control from the citizens of St. Louis will be met with organized—and might I add–hostile resistance (think pension, think future raises). That’s because citizens voted for local control of their police department in 2013 by a majority of citizens. That historic vote was the result of more than a decade of tireless organizing under the leadership of the Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression (CAPCR).

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Racial capitalism is a grinder of our very humanity. Black Lives Matter is not just a slogan; it is a daily reminder to resist the infectious virus of self–loathing and self-destruction spawned and perpetuated by our oppressors.

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