Attacks on DEI in Wisconsin Are DOA

Published by The Capital City Hues, December 11, 2023 When we saw the University of Wisconsin (UW) president in cahoots with Republicans, we should’ve known nothing good would come from it. What we know is that the GOP is on a mission, a mission to destroy anything associated with leveling the playing field for the […]

Black Liberation is Real Work

Published by The Black Commentator November 30, 2023 Can it be a job? Is volunteerism a form of Slavery? Neither extreme is helpful for our liberatory work nor to those committed to that work. Recently, I had a conversation about some young people’s obsession with getting paid for volunteer work. My friend who works with […]

No Safety Net for Our Children

Published by The Capital City Hues, November 13, 2023 Millions of children in the U.S. have been kicked off Medicaid, including nearly a quarter of a million in Wisconsin. These kids have lost critical health insurance since the end of the government’s guaranteed coverage during the Covid-19 pandemic. The news masks a more serious issue […]