Madiba Nelson Mandela–An Inspiration

I always chuckle with I see this photo of me and Nelson Mandela.  The photo was taken as a souvenir for tourists when they get off the cable car at Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.  The photo is fake but my deep admiration for Mandela is real. The passing of this great leader pushed […]

Remembering Fred Hampton & Mark Clark

  On December 4, 1969 Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were assassinated by Chicago cops while they  slept. The murders were part of the FBI’s COINTELPRO. Fred was deputy chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party and a rising charismatic leader. He was only 21; Mark was 22.  There are potential Freds and […]

Military Rape: Remember LaVena!

The Congress is currently discussing legislation to the rampant and pervasive culture of sexual assault in the military. The Pentagon’s recent report on rape indicated 26,000 people were assaulted in 2012, up front the 19,000 from the previous year. This means that even with all the bright lights on the issue, the military has been […]