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Will there be justice for Jordan?

The State of Florida has rested its case in the murder trial of Michael Dunn. It’s done a better job than it did in the Dunn Trayvon Martin case, i.e. charging Dunn also with attempted murder of Jordan Davis’ friends who were also in the car at the time of the shooting,  NOT charging Dunn’s fiancee’ so that she could be used as a material witness, etc.  However, they were still some missed opportunities to get closer to the truth such as establishing that Dunn could have had more to drink than the 3-4 drinks the fiancee’ witnessed him drinking, what were Dunn’s past conversations about black males or black music since her response was “I know” when Dunn pronounced his hatred of “thug music.”

Jordan Davis

If the state doesn’t get a conviction, I believe you’ll see an escalation of violence in the state of Florida as this will send yet another message that the lives of black males are worthless. Dunn’s shooting of Jordan Davis in a hail of bullets, leaving the scene of the crime, walking Charlie the puppy, ordering pizza and NEVER calling 911 show a callous and calculating man, not a man afraid for his life.



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