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COB Hearing Tonite

Tonite’s Public Safety Hearing was interesting; No uniformed SLPD in the house. A call for DeBorah Ahmad’s to withdraw as a COB nominee due to a conflict of interest. Etc. Concern about the COB needing subpoena power is echoed.

One thing that needs to be clarified again is that COB nominations came out of the wards. The way CAPCR wrote the legislation was to ensure that citizens had input into the nomination process. Citizens could nominate someone (including themselves) to the aldersperson. The ward alderpersons turned their choices into the mayor who selects from the pool of candidates from the seven COB districts. If citizens feel they were left out, they need to talk to their alderperson. I think alders couldve have done a better job of engaging their wards in the nomination process. Some alders did not even turn in names of residents to be considered.

CAPCR has been building COB district organizing circles for several months. We will have one for District 3 on Thursday, Oct. 15 at 7-8:30 pm, Visitation Church-1421 N. Taylor. District 3 includes Wards 1,3,22, 26. Even if you aren’t in these wards, it’s ok to come and check it out.

We got work to do.

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