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I’m in San Diego

In what I thought would be a casual trip to meet Krishna Toolsie because he would miss my book signing, I ended up speaking to three classes at San Diego City College when they heard I was in the building. Much appreciation to  Darius Spearman (Black Studies) and Enrique Davalos (Chicano Studies) who brought their classes together to hear about Ferguson. Prof Toolsie had just covered Reconstruction when I came into his classroom which gave me the opportunity to talk about the history of black gains and white backlash in the U.S. The students from both sessions asked insightful and thoughtful questions.

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Jamala and Makeda “Dread” Cheatom at World Beat Center exchanging gifts.

Me and Martin Eder (Activist San Diego) then headed over to the World Beat Center to check on logistics for my book event on tomorrow. We were lucky that Sista Makeda was in the house. She’s the founder of the Center and a whole lot more to the San Diego progressive community. We are definitely kindred spirits. I am so humbled by the hospitality of the Center and its staff (got fed some good vegetarian food, got some homemade shea butter). World  Beat hosted me with my first book.

I already know I’ll be incorporating the local struggle around the police murder of Fridoon Nehad in my remarks.

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