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Join the fast food workers

cant surviveJoin me today to support the growing movement to demand livable wages for fast food workers. The rally is today, July 30, from 4:3o-5:30 pm at Keiner Plaza, downtown St. Louis. You’ve heard their personal stories. I’ve written about their struggles. Now, we need to building the pressure on the fast food industry which is making billions off the sub-standard wages of these workers. St. Louis is part of the national media conversation so let’s represent!

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Young people are making a difference

In the initial attack by Hamas on Israel last fall by Hamas, reportedly 1200 Israeli citizens lost their lives, hundreds more were injured and hostages were taken. These violent acts were condemned by most of the world. However, what has unfolded since October 7 has literally rocked the world. The massive retaliation by Israel on Gaza would have not been possible without the $4 billion annually from the U.S. government. This fact has not been lost on students across the country.

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