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Kavanaugh on the Ropes


Whether it’s Plessy v. Ferguson in 1896 or U.S. Department of Justice v. Ferguson, Missouri in 2016, the judicial system has been a double-edged sword for descendants of Africa. This goes for all levels of the courts and its subsidiaries, but the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court is so powerful, it’s frightening.

That brings me to who gets to hold such power for a lifetime: U.S. Supreme Court justices. The only job for a life time should be parenting.

A couple of weeks ago, Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate nomination looked like smooth sailing. Now the nomination process is looking like a perfect storm. The delay could mean that Kavanaugh will not be approved by the October 1 new session of the High Court. If the nomination is not sewed up by the mid-term elections, the outcome could be very different should Democrats win back the Senate.

Within the last week, two women have come forward from Kavanaugh’s past to accused him of sexual assault. Christine Blasey Ford is scheduled to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Deborah Ramirez, a Yale alum who has some interesting stories of her college encounters with Brett, is weighing her prospects. And Michael Avenatti, now famous as adult porn star Stormy Daniels’ attorney, claims to have a third woman waiting in the wings.

The votes for a Kavanaugh slam-dunk aren’t solid. Some Republicans, like Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, are hedging based upon the new incriminating information.

Attempts to get to the buffet of legal opinions and emails from Kavanaugh’s career is apparently like trying to steal gold bars from Fort Knox. The public needs to see this nominee’s actions and views when he served as a federal judge, White House attorney and assistant to the prosecutor who investigated President Clinton. The White House has withheld over 100,000 pages from the Judiciary Committee. We don’t have to totally speculate the reasons why.

It’s already been documented that Kavanaugh has lied under oath at least five times in past and current Congressional proceedings. He’s probably got a lot to lie about and much more to hide. That’s why a million pages of documents has been assembled—a record for a judicial nominee.

As your Grandma says “If you lie, you ‘ll steal. If you steal, you’ll…” You know the rest. All Grandma was saying is that it’s all about character and what you do when no one is looking.

Brett Kavanaugh’s track record speaks volumes as to why trump nominated him. Kavanaugh will use the highest court in the land to carry out trump’s racist, misogynistic, militaristic agenda. This is a Supreme Court nominee who questioned the release of the Watergate tapes which proved President Nixon was a corrupt criminal.

Given the fact that many of trump’s running dogs have already been indicted by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and the investigation is getting closer to Trump, this is information worth illuminating and a predictor of rulings. Kavanaugh would be expected to protect trump should this corrupt and evil dictator be brought up on criminal charges.

Kavanaugh will not be a passive judicial participant. He will be aggressive and focused, deliberately crushing any viable liberty that he can. Like trump, he’s extremely dangerous to all living things that are not white, male and rich.


Published by on September 26, 2018


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