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Making connections in Ferguson, MO

It’s  good when the people make the right connections and you only have to sit back and nod.


That’s what happened recently in Ferguson, a city under military occupation after a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed, black teen. Officer Darren Wilson is now in hiding and Michael Brown is dead.

Rev. Jesse Jackson rolled into town– as have a host of other camera-seeking opportunists. He  started his famous routine of asking for donations from high denominations to the low. Who has $100 he’ll asked, then on down to $5 .

Before the few high rollers could raise their hand, the mainly working class crowd soundly booed the Reverend. I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Jesse any time soon.

I can’t seem to find the audio on this one but I can definitely verify that it DID happen!  


Caption written on business wall in Ferguson.



You may not remember the 2005 case of Kevin Johnson. He was only a teen when he killed a Kirkwood, MO officer after he believed the officer allowed his little brother to die.   Officer McEntee had a reputation as a bully in the neighboring, black town of  Meacham Park.  Johnson’s little brother had a congential heart problem but was given no medical attention by McEntee or other officers at the scene. Many believed Johnson  snapped after the death of his brother. I didn’t make any difference about his trauma or grief,  he was convicted of murder and is on Missouri death row.



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