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STL cops can’t contain their bullying

Jeff RoordaLed by their fearless and confused leader Jeff Roorda, some of St. Louis cops couldn’t contain themselves at the Civilian Oversight Board Bill hearing at City Hall tonite. The hearing was sponsored by the Public Safety Committee to get input on the new bill. Tensions were heightened as more people expressed their general support for the bill and the cops reacted. Roorda, head of the St. Louis Police Officers Association (SLPOA), allegedly push a black female as he tried to make a speedy exit. Before leaving, he took a swipe at Alderman Terry Kennedy by demanding that he get some order. Kennedy, politely but sternly, replied he didn’t need Roorda telling him how to run his hearing.

The disruption was wrong on so many levels and reflects the plantation politics in St. Louis. If there was any good to be found, it was that Roorda and his gang successfully made the case as to why this City needs police oversight. ft they would carry on their bullying tactics in a room full of people and cameras, imagine what they would do in a dark alley with no witnesses. It’s a scary scenario.

I testified tonite. My last sentence was “the St. Louis Police Officers Association needs to come up to 2015.” This group, along with others of the white racist elite,  are hell bent on maintaining the status quo and treating black folks as if they 3/5 of a human. These people don’t understand that it’s a new day.

Check out the KSDK video.


Photo by Wiley Price.






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