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Sunset Baby

FullSizeRender (12)Tonite I had the privilege of facilitating the post-production discussion of “Sunset Baby.” I felt such a familiarity with the complex themes, the raging subtext and the play’s complicated characters. I heard converging stories of Afeni Shakur (Tupac’s mama), the Ferguson uprising, the crack cocaine epidemic, the Black Liberation Struggle, black masculinity in America…How can black people find love with one another?

“Sunset Baby” was written by  Dominique Morisseau, a talented and award-winning playwright. She often draws her ideas and emotions from her roots in Detroit.

There’s the powerful performances by Ron Himes as Kenyatta Shakur, Lawd Gabe as Damon and Erin Renee’ Roberts as Nina, named after Nina Simone by her parents–providing a musical backdrop to the story. This was Roberts first show with The Black Rep and Gabe is becoming a mainstay. I’ve seen his range in a several Rep productions. And well, Ron is Ron– the consummate actor/director.

You don’t have much time to see “Sunset Baby” because it ends on January 31.


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